RNC Intel

RNC Intel, a project of the Resistance Research Collective, is a project dedicated to the compilation and distribution of information pertinent to those that are engaging in material struggle against the state and capital. It is a project that is not based in ideology, or abstract visions of the “world” “after the revolution”. Here, we have one goal and one goal only, to develop a form of grassroots intelligence gathering and distribution that can contribute to the effectiveness of material struggle.

With this in mind this site aims to accomplish three goals. Firstly, we will be providing a detailed tactical terrain report on the Greater Tampa area, for those that may find this useful, and will, most likely, continue to contribute to analysis of tactical terrain in the lead up to summits. Secondly, through the development of this report and the adjoined how-to guides we hope to provide useful examples and tools to aid others in compiling this sort of terrain intel. Thirdly, this site, as it evolves, will become a place to share information about the spaces we live/fight in (anonymously of course), a space to share this information and a space to find the information others have gathered to aid our own research. Revolution is an immediate and material dynamic of actions, and thus engages on a tactical level of effectiveness; the more we understand about our space and the operational spatialization and methodology of the pigs, the more effective we can be.


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