RNC Payroll

The following people are on payroll of the RNC COA. Most are out of state transplants.

25 Highest Paid* COA Staffers
William D. Harris $152,657.2
Michael V. Miller  $113,989.92
Jason M. Osborne  $111,392.12
Paul Sorenson  $94,134.96
Heather S. Morris $93,396.48
Anne B. Stewart  $88,985.52
Julie P. Shugar  $83,881.92
Paul Morrell  $80,274.24
James Davis  $80,029.2
Erik Mason  $78,617.28
Shawn D. Cahill  $75,402.96
Margaret R. Boyd  $72,379.92
Holly McGovern. Barber  $71,574.48
Erica Carson  $65,217.04
Anthony Landi  $64,575.8
Daniel McNeill  $61,887.6
Caroline S. Wiles  $57,802.56
Jonathan Torres  $57,469.92
William R. O’Dwyer  $56,520
Cameron Ross  $54,002.64
Ben Key  $52,801.04
Paul Mandelson  $51,485.04
John Mannion  $49,751.52
Valentina Weis  $48,967.44
Whitney Nichols  $48,017.52


* Calculated assuming equal pay per fiscal quarter


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