Tampa Terrain Analysis

This report is an attempt to map the dynamics of an urban space, in this case Tampa Florida, that will constantly be in flux and evolution, becoming. In other words, we are attempting to construct a framework of analysis in which we can begin to understand these shifts, in this case specifically the shifts that accompany the inscription of tactical policing operations before a political convention. This is the heart and soul of the Spatial Hacking Project. Mapping dynamics, in more or less static forms, will never give us any sort of direct “knowledge’ of what a space will becomes, it only provides a possible conceptual framework of analysis for beginning to understand these changes and shifts.

This project is primarily tactical. Not only is this an attempt to map the tactical dynamics of a terrain, the dynamics of action that occur in time and space that construct a terrain, but also an attempt to facilitate particularly tactical readings of this terrain. It is also an example of how one could go about mapping these dynamics in other spaces. Primarily, writing this report is a tactic in itself; both a discourse of what we feel goes into the deployment of effective actions but also it is done with the understanding that actions have effects, and this writing in itself will cause effects.

With this said, this report is meant to act as both informational and explanatory. We understand that in situations such as the conventions and summits that there is a quick concentration and burst of activity both on the level of policing as well as resistance. These concentrations and minor uprisings only occur in pre-planned environments, for limited periods of time. If we are to actually impact the operations of policing this must occur both in these “planned” scenarios, but also on our streets, in our cities, on a consistent basis. This report is an attempt to provide a possible framework, as well as an example, for research and tactical deployment on this everyday level. We fully encourage those that feel compelled to do this sort of analysis to take it upon themselves to look into the dynamics in their own spaces.

Terrain and Policing in Tampa
Downtown Tampa
Channel District and The Pete Times Forum and Convention Center Area
Ybor City
West Tampa
Harbour Island
Davis Island
Tampa Police
Outlying Areas (St Pete, St Pete Beach, Treasure Island, and Clearwater)


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