Davis Island

Davis Island is largely residential. A few host committee people live in the island, on the western-central area of the island. To get to the island requires taking a road off Bayshore Blvd that loops around and end up going over Davis Blvd Bridge.

The island is home to the major hospital in the Tampa area, Tampa General Hospital, which is east of the entry road and in a road grid that is set off from the general road grid.

Commercial district is on the east of the island, on David Blvd which runs in a loop around the residential area of the island.

Davis Blvd is a 4 lane boulevard for the entire loop around the island, except in the commercial district on the the eastern-center of the island.

The primary issue is that if the island is closed down the hospital is cut off from the rest of the city, except by helicopter.

There is a local airport, primarily small planes and charter flights at the souther tip of the island, south of Davis Blvd


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