Downtown Tampa

Downtown Tampa

Both I 275 and FL 618 empty directly into large banks of parking lots, alleviating rush hour back-ups throughout downtown during morning and evening rush-hour

County Administration Building on Johnson St and Jackson St (straight view to St Pete Times Forum)

South of Jackson St and west of Florida Ave begins a peninsula that begins to narrow down to St Pete Times Forum. It is mostly parking lots and wide open, undeveloped areas

County Courthouse at Morgan St and Pierce St

Tampa Bay 2012 Host Committee office on the 33rd Floor of the Bank of America Building at Kennedy Blvd and Tampa St which is 31,000 sq ft.

Most buildings in downtown Tampa are really low buildings, lower than 5 stories, except in the financial district in the Hillsborough Riverfront between the Straz Center for Performing Arts and Brorein St, north-south and Hillsborough River to Florida Ave, east-west, an area of 10 blocks, north-south, and 5 blocks, east-west, and relatively compact. This area contains offices for Sun Trust, at Florida Ave and Jackson St, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch/ Tampa Bay 2012 Host Committee, at Kennedy Blvd and Tampa St, and Wells Fargo, at Tampa City Center at Jackson St and Florida Ave, M and I Bank, at Kennedy Blvd and Morgan, Fifth-Third Bank Center, at Kennedy Blvd and Tampa St, and BB&T, at Kennedy Blvd and Ashley St.

Most commercial concentration north-south along Hillsborough Riverfront and east-west along the Bayfront, including the Channel District cruiseline loading areas on Channelside Dr. Also another commercial district between Twiggs St and Madison St, north of Gaslight Park, adjacent to the Tampa Police Central Police Station, on Madison St and Franklin St

County Center at Jackson St and Morgan St

At Whiting and Pierce is the Fort Brooke Parking Garage, contrary to Google Maps this borders a building that is currently under construction at Brorein St and Florida Ave, it forms an L shape that separates downtown from the “Convention Center District” which encompasses the area between the area between the St Pete Times Forum and the Tampa Convention Center. West of this L and south of Whiting St is a large bank of parking lots, stretching from Florida St to Jefferson St east-west and north of FL 618

At the central Tampa Police Station, 411 Franklin St, there is a police museum, open Monday through Friday 10-3; apparently they use 1998 Harleys as their primary motorcycles, and have a really “cool” 1970’s era robot that they used for public presentations

City Center and City Hall at Poe Plaza, which is a walking only road (except for the cops), and Jackson St

There is a parking lot under Curtis Hixon Park that houses a number of police cars, undercover cars and government vehicles

Link to a list of all the hotels (although we will do everyone the courtesy of mapping them for you all) is

Downtown is dead on weekends

Fixing Bridge on Kennedy Blvd leaving only 6 ways from West Tampa into downtown (Cass Street Bridge, Laurel St Bridge, Brorein St Bridge, Platt st (which passes from the bridge immediately under the Tampa Convention Center, Tollway FL618 which is the primary route into the souther edge of downtown, and I 275 which is the primary route into the northern part of Downtown)

Major roads in downtown are 4 lane boulevards which provides great visibility and “gas dispersion”

All roads running south pass under the FL 618 Tollway, this separates downtown from Channelside, which is to the east of FL 618 and the “Convention Center District”/Harbour Island entrance from downtown. These underpasses are both traffic hubs, as they enter downtown going north into a bank of parking lots, and chokepoints, as they pass under Fl 618

There are exits off FL 618 at Florida St, Brorein St and Morgan St which are chokepoints where traffic tend to build up during rush-hour and events at the St Pete times Forum

Franklin St is the main route to Harbour Island, Beneficial Blvd is the main route out of Harbour Island, but both are used for traffic in and out. Harbour Island is also mostly gated communities, south of Knights Run and hotels/resorts on the northern end where there is also a huge shopping complex

During rush-hour the primary routes into town, or out again, are I-275 and FL 618, they get jammed up around the limited amount of exist into downtown, but this is alleviated by the sheer amount of parking immediately off those exits, which prevents the traffic back-ups from entering into the business district of downtown, between Florida Ave and the Hillsborough Riverfront. This proximity and volume of parking allows people to get off the freeway and go straight to parking (almost half of downtown, which exists between I-125 and FL 618 is parking. The only traffic chokepoints, and thus places where traffic jams build up are immediately off exits on Morgan St, Brorein St, around the bridges on Brorein St, Cass St, Kennedy Blvd and Platt St, and the northern-most part of Ashley St, north of the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. There are also traffic jams that build up on Bayshore Blvd, around the entrance to Davis Island, Kennedy Blvd and Boulevard St, in West Tampa, and Tampa St and N Ashley Dr, in Downtown by Curtis Hixon Park

During the day there is almost no traffic in downtown, everyone seems to park and walk to work.

All traffic seems to exist between Whiting St, to the south, Twiggs St, to the north, Florida Ave, to the east, and the Hillsborough Riverfront, to the west.


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