St Petersburg/ Clearwater/ Treasure Island

St Pete, as it is known, is largely residential with the exception of the downtown area and the area around Tropicana Field, which is going to be a venue for the convention.
Central St is the main commercial district and runs east-west across the city to Tampa Bay

Ist Ave South is the primary traffic artery into the city, one way going from west to east and coming from the residential area of St Pete, and 1st ave North is the main traffic artery out of the downtown area, going from west to east and into the residential area.

Police are primarily based in the residential areas west of downtown, even though they are present in downtown but relatively non-apparent. In the residential areas, which are relatively low-income neighborhoods, the police are a lot more present. In downtown the police tend to focus on eliminating the presence of the homeless and traffic enforcement.

There is a major BB&T office on 4th St South and Central Ave

St Pete Times has their major office on 5th St South and 1st Ave South

The streets run north to south while the avenues run east to west.

Wells Fargo has an office at 2nd St North and 2nd Ave North-south

St Pete College Downtown Campus is on 2nd Ave North and 3rd St North, security office is based out of parking garage on 2nd Ave North

The resort, harbour and tourist district runs along the bayshore, going north-south, down Bayshore Dr and Beach Dr, which is west of Bayshore and also the home of a host committee member

Williams Park on 4th St North and 2nd Ave North is the main public transportation hub and a rather busy pedestrian area.

The downtown area begins once you cross 16th St South and begins with a series of trendy shops along Central Ave, this gives way to the business district which begins immediately after Martin Luther King St South

Clearwater is also another area of resorts and delegate hotels. The major route from Clearwater to Tampa is Gulf to Bay Blvd The town itself is home to a number of major “Church” of Scientology offices on Fort Harrison Ave and Cleveland St, which runs almost all the way to St Petersburg Beach and Treasure Island, also areas of large concentration of delegate hotels on the Gulf of Mexico (US Rt 19 runs south all the way to these resort areas)

Cleveland St is the main commercial district

City is mostly residential with a resort district on the western edge of the town.

Generally, Clearwater is sterile and blank

Route 60 runs to a series of island beach resorts that are west of Clearwater, this is also a primary delegate housing spot. Gulf Blvd is the only major road that runs between these island and they stretch all the way from Clearwater to Treasure Island, almost 20 miles to the south

Treasure Island is also going to be a major delegate party and housing spot. The main roads are Central Ave, which runs all the way from St Pete, which is to the east, and Gulf Blvd, which runs down this series of islands. Treasure Island is the most southern, wester and isolated area of convention activity.


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